Blue Bunny Events specialize in hosting private Events such as Bachelor Nights, Adult Birthday Parties,Special Wedding Parties as well Luxury Villa, Resort or Hotel take overs (in South East Asia) for people in the lifestyle who wish to getaway for few days.

Come dance and party with us as you meet new friends in a relaxed environment. Our adult only Events are one of a kind in this region and people who enjoy children free Holiday breaks need look no further.

Escape reality for a night, a few nights or weekend and enjoy some wild adventures in life with other like-minded people. Blue Bunny Events provide an environment in which most of all you can be yourself and enjoy the lifestyle. At a Blue Bunny Event you will experience a night full of energy with nice dance music where show your skills on the dance floor or enjoy night swimming with sensual music or just relax into one of the hospitality suits together with your partner. Most importantly at Blue Bunny Event you can relax and be uninhibited.

Blue Bunny Events are an established and experienced group that been organising special events for the last 10 years. The guests are approved under the highest of standards and are selective in approving new guests. We cater to people that are looking for a fun, nice relaxing atmosphere and a place to release their inhibitions.

Our group consists of professionals, business people who like a little spice and enjoy spending time away from everyday hectic lives without the children. We provide nice Villas/Resorts or Hotels that are private for guest to come and enjoy. Escape life for a moment and experience this liberated lifestyle with other professional and respectful people.

How does it work?


谢谢你的美好时光。 自从三年前认识Alex和Cindy以来,我们就参加了他们无数次的活动,并将许多中国夫妇带入这种生活方式。 在大陆是找不到的。 我们将永远关注他们的活动也已经报名下次活动了。

By A n V (China)

Absolutely fantastic Autumn Phuket Party. Thank you Alex and Cindy for the amazing work and effort you put in. You guys are the best. Thanks to all gorgeous girls that drained me, I’ll need to go on vitamins now till next party. Enjoyed very moment of the week!

By Anonymous (Belgium)

Alex and Cindy they are really good party organizer, love their parties, always friendly and good with all they make sure you enjoy every moment while you are in there parties see you soon ..

by TONYOZ (Europe)

Was at the Bocacay Event in March. Was feeling regret before the trip as needed to transit and long fly time but the moment we touch down Caticlan airport and saw the sea… Wow! All I can say is worth every penny spent. No regret at all joining this trip and will consider coming back again next year!

by Anonymous (Malaysia)

Alex and Cindy arrange great sexy parties in exotic locations. Hopefully we will join the next one. We were in Bali with them March 2019


Alex and Cindy are a great couple whom we have known for some time. They organized some of the great lifestyle parties, eventful couples trips for short getaways. Do not miss them!


Thank you for hosting such a wonderful Event. We have been travelling Asian Countries for years, tried to join many Parties, I can say this Pre Xmas Party really impressed us, did not know there is such a huge Party with so many couples around! The best part is the good mixture of people, we can see many European and Asian mixture that we hardly see in Italy or Europe! Well done and keep it up. We will sure join again when we come to Asia for Holiday.

by Anonymous (Italy)

I flew over from United States for the 2nd time to join this wonderful event. Never disappoint me, worth the travel as always. Will be there again for sure. Keep it up.

By Ex Navy (USA)

Hi Alex, Thanks you for your hospitality. We liked our first Asian Lifestyle Party experience ! (as a start and hope to join more!) – Christmas Party in KL 2019

Robin and Brabara (Nederland)